EazyHold Two Pack Sippy Cup Bottle Holder 7 1/2″ – Universal Cuff, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid

For ages 6 months and up

Adaptable, Hygienic, and Oh So Comfortable!

Universal Cuff, Silicone Strap, Non-Weighted Mobility Support Handle, Grip Aid for Special Needs, Stroke, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Hospitals, Schools and Special Education Classrooms


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EazyHold Two Pack-Sippy Cup/Bottle Holder – 7 1/2″

Our soft silicone universal cuffs fit more than just a baby bottle or sippy cup, they also fit water and sports bottles! They can also assist children with special needs to hold large handled toys for a more inclusive playtime.

For those with a weak or poor grip use EazyHold on musical instruments or sporting equipment. How about adapting a baseball bat, hockey stick, tennis racquet, or even a boat oar.

For Barn or garage. The Sippy Eazyhold can make using pony and horse equipment and like large brushes and grooming tools simple to hold. Unlimited usage for equine tack. Use on all kinds of garden tools for non-slip mobility. For ranch and barn equipment, use the green Sippy Cup Bottle Holder to secure your saddle in the horse trailer or on the saddle rack.

Put on tools for easy hanging and storage. The Sippy Eazyhold can make using a lead line to pony horses simple. Hook over the saddle horn for hands-free ponying. Unlimited usage for equine tack. Use to adapt all kinds of garden tools for non-slip mobility.

Use our assistive cuffs on cell phones, bicycle pedals, and handlebars. It’s easy to modify your drinking cup to make holding beverages effortless. You can even double them up for two-handed use!

  • Adjustable with wide openings for large objects
  • Washable at high temps and quick to dry
  • Double up for 2 handed use
  • No-slip grip for ADLs
  • For outdoor and garden use.
  • Will not degrade in the sun

Super versatile. Slips snugly onto babies bottle or child’s sippy cup to secure a  comfy hold. Does not need to be tight on the hand to use. Also works well on larger items for the household and outdoors. Put our EZs on TV and game remote controls. For grooming, slip onto hair dryers. For outdoors, use it on boat oars, bicycle foot pedals, and handlebars, equestrian equipment, and tack. The uses are endless!


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