People With Reduced Hand Function

ACTIVE HANDS assist people with reduced hand functions, be it due to injury, stroke, arthritis or the likes, to independently carry out simple daily activities and lead full and active lives.

Professional Therapist

Active Hands’ products are used by therapists and rehabilitation units the world over to assist users on their road to recovery.

Athletes / Paralympians

Active Hands gripping aids are designed to withstand the level of training that elite athletes put them through. Used all over the world by athletes both casual and professional and having helped many Paralympians and international athletes realise their dreams.

Gym Users

Used by everyone from casual gym goers to Paralympic athletes, Active Hand aids are built to last and are designed for easy use with a wide range of gym equipment and apparatus. This allows you to obtain a more complete workout, push yourself to the limits and achieve your goals!

*Important* Please consult a doctor or medical professional before starting a new training regime.

Quadraplegics or Cerebral Palsy

ACTIVE HANDS are ideal for quadriplegics, people with cerebral palsy and any condition that affects the hand function. Don’t let reduced hand function be a hurdle. If your child can hold a pen for mark-making or grasp an instrument or the handlebars of a trike with the help of our products then they can focus on the task in hand, leaving their minds free for the learning.

Comes in Kid Sizes

ACTIVE HANDS comes in kid sizes so that children with reduced hand function can have the freedom to enjoy play.  From riding a trike, to kayaking, to competing in motorcross, Active Hands MINI can help your child to join in the fun.

Watch how to put on a General Purpose gripping aid by clicking this YouTube video

To view a copy of our instruction leaflets, in a variety of languages, click below:

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