General Purpose Gripping Aid

Whether you’ve had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or have any condition which reduces your hand function, Active Hands aids could unlock any number of activities for you:

  • Working out in the gym (e.g. holding free weights, using a rowing machine)
  • Playing on the Nintendo Wii
  • DIY at home (using a saw or hammer)
  • Holding a pool or snooker cue
  • Rowing or Kayaking
  • Gardening
  • Holding a glass or bottle

This item is sold as a single gripping aid (either left or right)


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How they work

General Purpose gripping aids function by the tightening of a strap in the upper section, which gently pulls the hand into a fist shape, adjusting to hold items in the palm. The wrist strap is also adjustable and the aid is padded to reduce chafing.  For directions on how to use these, you can download our General Purpose instructions

Made of Strong Stuff

These aids are built from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene (wet suit material). They’re designed to withstand regular use, even for strenuous activities. All aids are machine washable.







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1 review for General Purpose Gripping Aid

    April 28, 2021
    “My Aid is still being used daily, at 5 years running, by me and I’m still putting it thru hell. Still using it for shoveling snow, gas weed whipping, and even chain sawing (though very carefully), it’s smudged and sometimes is dirty, but it still keeps going.  Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for the best products.” Dave Genik

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